Kwara State College of Health Technology, Offa

Student Affairs

Student Affairs

The Students Union Government (SUG)

The student Union government is the repetitive Student government of the College. All registered students are members of the Union by payment of annual subscription, which is paid directly to the union.

The federal government policy upholds that student unionism is voluntary. As a result, a student may opt out of the union in writing to the Students' Affairs Office.

The union serves as an effective means of training in mature Leadership and as a channel of coordination student's involvement in the management of the College. The governing body is the Student Representative Council.

Other Student Organizations

In an attempt by the College to provide education outside the classroom, the College allows the students to organize themselves into and join organization, which contributes to the academic cultural, recreational and social life of the College.

The College allows such organization to sponsor such activities as Lectures, Panel Discussions, Symposia, Seminars, Parties, Perceptions, Dances, Excursion Trips, Exhibitions, Drama, and Musical Programmers. As a rule, the College does not: encourage or recognize any students' organization, which in its membership discriminate on account of race, sex or religion.


The College categorizes student’s organizations into 2;

1. Independent organization

This category include;

  1. Cultural Organization
  2. Religious Organization

They must be duly registered and formally recognized before they must be entitled to undertake any activity in the campus. Although they shall be entitled to appropriate privileges, they may not receive special services or support from the College.

2. Affiliated Organization

In this category are organizations that are the authority such organization includes:

  1. Student union
  2. Academic Departmental Associations
  3. Para-Military Organizations

Criteria for Recognition

  1. Must have registered with the College at the Students Affairs Office
  2. There must be evidence of significant number of students that wish to be member of the proposed organization
  3. An administrative or academic staff of the College must volunteer to be the patron / Adviser to the Organization
  4. The organization must have a constitution indicating rules and regulations, statement of financial support and sources of finance made known to the College authority

Requirement for registration

The followings must submitted for registration:

  1. 2 copies of proposed constitution and/or bye-laws
  2. Names, matriculation numbers, departmental addresses of the officials of the Organization.
  3. Signature of a Full-Time senior academic or administrative staff of the College who has agreed to serve as Adviser / Patron to the organization.
  4. Certificate by the Adviser / Patron that at least twenty Full-Time Students will form the nucleus of the organization
  5. Statement of Purposes and proposed programmes of academic cultural and social life of the campus.
  6. Affiliation(s), of any, to any outside organization.
  7. Statement of proposed financial support and management of fund.
  8. Approval or disapproval of any application for recognition rests with the Provost of the College.
  9. The organization may be dissolved by request from the organization has failed to file a registration form for two (2) consecutive academic sessions.
  10. When the organization violates the College rules and policies governing students' organization.

General Regulations for Students Organizations

  1. Only registered students of the College are eligible for membership of any Students' organizations.
  2. All Students' organization must keep proper records of their finances. All fund raised by whatever means are subject to financial accountability.
  3. No Students' organizations are allowed to indicate or simply that it is acting on behalf of the College without specific authorization of College authority.
  4. All Students' organization must be registered with the Student Affairs Office at the beginning of each session.

Prohibition of Organization and Membership of Secret Cults

It is an offence against the College regulation as well as decree 47 (1989) of Nigeria to belong to any secret cult on campus.

Student Publication

All Students' publication is to be undertaken by the student under minimum control or assistance by the College authority

General Regulations Governing Publications

  1. Only registered students' organization may produce any publication or printed matter bearing the name of the College.
  2. All Students' publication must carry the names of the organization responsible for the publication and the individual(s) names(s) of the editorial Board.
  3. All Students' publication must state explicitly on the editorial page that the opinion expressed there, are not those of the College or its student’s body as a whole.

Prohibited Publication on Campus

  1. Publication those are obscene.
  2. Publication that are violence
  3. Publication that are not properly titled.

Religious Worship

Although the College is a public non-sectarian institution, facilities are provided for members of the College community to observe their religious faith. There are two recognized religious association -Christianity and Islam. There is a central Chapel and a Mosque on the College campus for the respective religious groups.

These places of worships are open all day for use. Religious worshiping is not permitted in any of the lecture rooms during the official teaching periods.

Student Welfare

Hostel Accommodation

The College of health technology Offa, has two locations for hall These can accommodate few students. The approach is first come first served. Construction more Halls of Residence is underway. The Hall Master/Warden shall make available to all inmates that regulations and living arrangement in these halls of residence.

Welfare Scheme Package

The student union Government with the co-operation of the authority and the Students, Affairs Office may from time to time arrange for welfare package(s) for the entire student body. This however must be acceptable to the generality of the students and be devoid of exploitation.


The College has a standing Committee on sports Students are encourage to register with the Committee for their games / sports of choice or preference. The goal is to create opportunities for students to engage themselves in useful recreation that would contribute positively to their individual health and enhance inter personal relationship. It is the duty of the sports committee to coordinate the sporting activities of the Students.