Kwara State College of Health Technology, Offa

Student Affairs

Student Welfare

Hostel Accommodation

The College of health technology Offa, has two locations for hall These can accommodate few students. The approach is first come first served. Construction more Halls of Residence is underway. The Hall Master/Warden shall make available to all inmates that regulations and living arrangement in these halls of residence.

Welfare Scheme Package

The student union Government with the co-operation of the authority and the Students, Affairs Office may from time to time arrange for welfare package(s) for the entire student body. This however must be acceptable to the generality of the students and be devoid of exploitation.


The College has a standing Committee on sports Students are encourage to register with the Committee for their games / sports of choice or preference. The goal is to create opportunities for students to engage themselves in useful recreation that would contribute positively to their individual health and enhance inter personal relationship. It is the duty of the sports committee to coordinate the sporting activities of the Students.